About Kelly's Car Wash

When you think of Kelly's Express Carwash a few words come to mind: Clean, sparkling and polished! Visit us at March Lane or Charter Way and now our new location at Scotts Creek Dr. in Stockton, CA. We also have a location on Klaage Court and Pocket Rd. in Elk Grove, CA just for your convenience!

Kelly's Express Carwash will foam wash your vehicle including tire and wheel cleaning, triple coat wax, rain-X, four rims, and treat with a surface protector. Kelly's accepts ATM and Credit Cards for the convenience of our customers. Try THE WORKS car washes and save money at any three of our locations. Customers will be pleased with several aspects of the car wash they receive from any of our areas. Take a look below and view the services we offer!

About Kelly's Express Carwash

Kelly's Carwash